In the Light or In the Tomb?

From Mark Noblin
Kisumu, Kenya

God blessed me doubly this Resurrection Day, first with the opportunity to preach at King Jesus Celebration Center in Kisumu Kenya and second with the perfect African illustrations to support the message of freedom in Jesus.
Celebrating Ken's Graduation

I challenged the brethren whether as believers they had emerged with Jesus from the tomb sealed with a stone and guarded by soldiers. Or, had they accepted Jesus’ payment for their sins on the cross only to remain in bondage and fear in the tomb, fearful to step out into the light and past the soldiers (Satan’s demons who wish to deny them abundant life on earth even though their place in heaven is secure.)

While attending a glorious celebration in a rural Kenya homestead on Saturday for Ken Mollo, a Rock graduate, one of the speakers spoke a shocking truth. He said many Kenya families would not dare carry on such a celebration for fear evil spirits or curses brought on by a witch doctor motivated by the jealousy of others would kill them for celebrating in such a way.