"Practical Empowerment In Uganda"

Dear Friends,
These last few months have been amazing as we trust the Lord one day at a time. Proverbs 16:9 says,

A man's heart plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.
As we face the unknown each day with the pandemic, political unrest, and a totally different way of life, we remember God knows everything...past, present and future along with having a plan for us.
Kingdom View Staff 
Things at Kingdom View are going well as we have shifted gears to online mentoring, practical empowerment of the staff and communication with students who are scattered in towns all over Uganda. (schools, universities, and churches remain shut down) Before the pandemic we set up a WhatsApp broadcast to over 300 students and alumni of Uganda Christian University, Makerere University and Kyambogo University. 

There are many orphans in Uganda and some live with extended family and face real challenges. Margaret communicates with some of these students who are stuck at home and feeling alone and a bother to family members. She chats with them on WhatsApp, encourages them that God loves them, and focuses them on making the time useful as they wait for the university to re-open. The career planning ministry continues with 2-3 students needing assistance each week remotely. Just this week two alumni received jobs in essential industries.

Margaret and Christopher
Christopher is coordinating the staff and has developed a comprehensive database of all the students, alumni, staff, vendors and visitors who have passed through the Rock over the years. He has a business degree and is excellent working with computers so the past few months have been productive. We place a lot of importance on practical empowerment of our Ugandan staff through Biblical training, job training, and a series of tasks as we delegate more responsibility to each person. Christopher accounts for all expenses at Kingdom View and works with Mark every week. He balances the accounts, collects information for reports for the Uganda Revenue Department as well as monitors maintenance scheduling and expenses of the ministry. Several of our staff guards came up for contract renewals during this time and we are blessed to have the whole team in tact. Thanks to our donors, we have not been faced with any layoffs. The staff members have expressed their appreciation especially those with families.

Chef Ben
Christopher and Margaret are doing broadcasts to encourage our friends who are scattered all over Uganda. We are scheduling video cooking classes, sending Bible scriptures, giving life skill development advice, country-wide job leads in all fields along with personal mentoring. The new Uganda Christian University chaplain and his wife have agreed to work with us on some Facebook video sessions discussing relationship issues. We expect to have some small cooking classes starting on site soon with Chef Ben Odongo who is working on a MA Theology. You can read more about this on  our website.

The university began online classes this week but don't expect to start in person classes for awhile. We are looking forward to returning to Uganda as soon as the university has students on site.

Standing in the gap with us during this time has been such an encouragement. Please stay safe and know we are praying for you and your family.
 With appreciation and grateful hearts,

Mark and Margaret


"Trusting God In Unusual Times"

Gonzaga Christopher Byomire,
Coordinator overseeing Kingdom View
Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.
Proverbs 3:5-6
Over the last few weeks Christopher, the Kingdom View coordinator has been sending us status reports on Uganda. We wanted to let you know what is happening. There are less than 120 cases of COVID-19 in Uganda and no deaths so far. Incoming flights are not allowed into the country at this time, so we are postponing our return until things become clearer.

The staff (guards, housing and grounds maintenance) are all showing up to work even though the country is locked down until at least May 14th which may be extended. The president is not allowing any cars to move around without special permits. Christopher tells us people walk to the market or grocery stores but can't use taxis, boda bodas (motorcycles) or private vehicles unless they are essential personnel.
  All staff live next door or within easy walking distance to Kingdom View. Christopher is not far but we have given him the option of working from home. But he comes by 3-4 times during the week to pray with the staff and make sure the facility is in great shape. Currently he is working on a database for the ministry so everything is integrated along with encouraging people on social media.

We all look forward to the time when the university opens and we can resume cooking classes, movie night discussions, face to face career counseling, Bible studies and one on one discipleship. God is on the throne and we know He has got this.  We just need to persevere and exhibit the fruits of the spirit.

Our desire is to continue to be a light on the hill even if we encourage people through electronic means.  Our mission is to help people see things from God's perspective rather than worldly views that lead to bondage.
We don't know when the government will allow the universities to reopen, but we are being creative in how we comfort, encourage and disciple through social media and online means. Christopher and Margaret continue to do career counseling using WhatsApp and email.

Christopher reports that the staff is meeting on a regular basis to pray and encourage each other. We are maintaining the staff payroll and appreciate all of you and your continued support of the ministry during this tough time. Since March 1st, our donations are down 73% from last year and any assistance is greatly appreciated.

With grateful hearts and prayers for all,

Mark and Margaret

"Reflective of God's Kingdom Reign on Earth"

KV Staff (From L to R Silver, Lawrence, Christopher, Frances, Paul, Gloria and Innocent)
"Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom." 2 Cor. 3:17

Freedom in Jesus (trusting His payment on the cross for our sins and embracing the Holy Spirit to overcome worldly temptations) reigns at Kingdom View. Even now more are enjoying their promised abundant life of freedom, prior to the grand opening activities in the pavilion.

From "Solving Problems God's Way" training to movie nights to godly relationship studies, the pavilion already is in big demand even as we add finishing touches.
Problem-solving God's Way Training with games, riddles, certificates and more.  
The painting held by Margaret was a gift to Kingdom View from Elizabeth, a student.
"I just saw God at work the entire time," a leader of the 70 students who participated in the recent relationship discussion led by a pastor from Watoto Church. Her pastor added, "We had a great time talking through a very critical topic in the lives of campus students - relationships. You have such a tranquil place. It is really reflective of God's kingdom reign on earth. We loved it."
Guests are told that although the hillside panorama from the pavilion including Lake Victoria is awesome, the name, Kingdom View, primarily represents our mission. Our mission is to help people see things from God's perspective rather than worldly views that lead to bondage.
God provided an amazing sunset backdrop. Watoto UCU cell groups discussed relationships with Pastor Ken. There are over 50 fellowships on the UCU campus of 8,500 students

Various fellowship groups from Uganda Christian University have enjoyed the pavilion and it is becoming a popular place for celebrations like birthday parties. Currently we are discussing meeting options with Navigators and Bible Study Fellowship International and Life Ministries (CRU) who need meeting space. We are excited to see what the Lord is doing upon final completion of the facility.

Gonzaga Christopher Byomire, KV Coordinator overseeing the activities.
Our coordinator Christopher tells a story of a recent movie night featuring a movie, The Least of These about missionaries ministering to lepers in India: "The most amazing thing that happened was that two individuals showed up with invitations from other friends. Interestingly both were supposed to be a part of the party that was loud in the next hostel. One of them was a Muslim. They both were in tears. They thanked God who led them to Kingdom View instead of the other party.
They promised to be present for every movie night. The Muslim person was amazed by the comments. He is being shown a light from Kingdom View."

Lord willing, we anticipate a formal grand opening and dedication of the pavilion later this year. Praise God we recently received a donation which covered costs for a sound system and large screen HDTV!

We still need $3,800 to complete work including floor finishing, backside retaining wall, plumbing soak pit, brick barbecue grill, kitchen cabinets and road repair. $2,900 kitchen fixtures, appliances, catering items. $1,221 for 20 tables, and 100 additional chairs. If the Lord would lead you to help, please click below.

Would you consider making a donation to complete one or more of the areas?
With joy and grateful hearts,

Mark and Margaret