"A Light On the Hill for Jesus in Uganda"


You are the light of the world. A town build on a hill cannot be hidden.

Matthew 5:14

As we prepare for Resurrection Day, we wanted to share our gratefulness for our risen Lord and the many blessings we have experienced.

Read the story that was published in the UCU Standard to learn more about the process of donating Kingdom View to Uganda Christian University. 

New UCU guesthouse is ‘light on the hill for Jesus’

 April 4, 2023 0 Comments

By Pauline Luba
Uganda Christian University (UCU) has added a new guesthouse to its collection of hospitality facilities. The Kingdom View Guest House, located on Besania Hill, Mukono, was acquired as a ministry donation from The Rock Kingdom LTD (UG), funded by The Rock Outreach (USA) late 2022. The guesthouse, completed in 2016, becomes the university’s fifth hospitality facility, but the first outside the precincts of UCU’s main campus. The other four guesthouses — Eunice, Garry, Missionary House and Tech Park Units — are within the university. 

Kingdom View Guest House, whose architecture was inspired by the shape of an African hut, offers catering services, high-speed internet, laundry services, free parking and airport transportation access for international travelers. The architectural design was done by American Mike Reid, who is also credited with drawing the plans of UCU’s gate, as well as other buildings within the university, including the Hamu Mukasa library...(click on headline above to read whole story)
UCU’s Vice Chancellor Aaron Mushengyezi, Deputy Vice Chancellor David Mugawe and other managers and guests after acquiring the Kingdom View Guest House in late 2022.
UCU’s Deputy Vice Chancellor David Mugawe, Vice Chancellor Aaron Mushengyezi, and other managers and guests after acquiring the Kingdom View Guest House in late 2022.(left to right)


Transition Update
Christopher tells us things are going smoothly. Vanessa who is managing the guest house part of the property was visited recently by the archbishop of the Church of Uganda.  The chaplain uses the pavilion quite often for meetings of the chaplaincy as well as training the leaders of various fellowship groups on campus.  Dorcus and Norman of our old staff are assisting Vanessa with hospitality.

Every Saturday except during final exams, Christopher and a team of volunteers show Christian movies and discuss what they have learned from the movie. Christopher shared he had helped some students with their LinkedIn accounts and one law student has received three great internship opportunities.  Margaret and Christopher continue to work with individual students developing their CVs/Resumes and preparing them to enter their careers. See the pictures on the Rock website Discipleship Memories from Uganda with A Kingdom View.

As time goes on we see the Lord's fingerprints in so many things and are excited about the new things he is presenting for us to do in Texas. Mark has been going through the book, Victory Over the Darkness with board members, to deepen their knowledge of the expanding Freedom In Christ focus through the Rock Outreach. It is an encouraging book and a practical discipleship tool. April 16th he leaves for Traverse City, Michigan for a practicum completing his training as a Community Freedom Associate for Freedom In Christ Ministries. The training allows him to be certified to be a discipleship resource to churches desiring to set up Community Freedom ministries.

In June, Mark returns to Guatemala on a mission trip. It has been 23 years since the first mission trip. Look what the Lord has done!

Margaret has been pleasantly surprised at the number of requests from Ugandan students needing assistance with career planning and learning their God-given skills. Mentoring UCU Honors College students each term is such a blessing.

Our Ugandan ministries of providing Life Application Bibles for students and pastoral care weekends for pastors, missionaries and their spouses who need a peaceful weekend break in the Kingdom View Guest House continues. Your donations are to the Rock Outreach as we continue to serve.

Thanks to all our supporters and prayer warriors. Your involvement continues to yield an amazing dividend. We look forward to sharing more with you as God continues to open doors. Please feel free to share our contact information with future missionaries, people planning trips to Uganda or needing information about the culture. 

Joining in where God is at work,
Mark and Margaret Noblin
The Rock Outreach, Inc.
Dallas, Texas

"Discipleship Memories From Uganda with A Kingdom View"

 In 2005 we moved to Uganda for the first time. On our previous trips, we visited the villages or slums with no exposure to the middle-class life of Ugandans.  Little did we know that there was a whole other life we hadn't explored. Just in case, we prepared for what we thought might be ahead of us. We adapted recipes, brought extra stuff from home but found the adjustment easier than we thought after finding a few key resources. The people are big-hearted and fun to be around. If there is one thing I miss the most is cooking classes with students in the kitchen and dancing to music when we were waiting for brownies or cookies to bake.

This attached file

is a file of some of my favorite recent memories on the last trip to Uganda. I hope they put a smile on your face.