Can You Imagine?

Imagine a place where people will move from spiritual darkness to light. Where they will experience that indescribable joy of being born again into God's family. Where they will feed and thrive on God's Word. Where they will rejoice in the Lord's goodness at weddings, receptions, graduation celebrations, seminars and spiritual retreats. Where they will worship God in spirit and truth.

When we look out from the balcony of Kingdom View Ministry House to the pavilion construction, that is what we see. Just across the road from Uganda Christian University, we see the vision coming alive step by step. Can you picture it?

If so, please help this vision come to pass. We need $12,541 to finish the electrical, plumbing, plastering, painting, window, doors, ceilings, railings and drainage grates. After completing this phase we start furnishing the facility and will provide additional information.

Any amount is appreciated or if you would like to underwrite a specific element of the project click here. We will update the remaining funds needed regularly on the website. 

Would you consider making a donation to complete one or more of the areas?

With appreciation and grateful hearts,

Mark and Margaret