Up We Go!

We are excited to announce we are ready to move ahead with construction of the beginning phase of Kingdom View Fellowship Center and Guest House across from Uganda Christian University!

For years we have been teaching the necessity of laying our foundation on the Rock of Jesus (Matthew 7:24-27). What a blessing it is now to witness building on that foundation both literally and figuratively.
New life; new friends and shoes

After teaching about being a believer the lady asked Margaret if she would pray with her to receive Jesus. Margaret noticed she was barefoot so she left her flipflops with her.

After two years of planning, we expect to break ground by late September and have the foundation completed

this year for the Priscilla and Aquila Ministry and Missionary House. We believe we will be able to move in by next summer. Thanks to all of you whom the Lord used to help get Kingdom View off the ground. This is the first phase of a long range plan including meeting and media space, outdoor pavilion, guest house and retail training center.

We also are delighted to see those mentored in the ministry building on their foundation of Jesus by sharing and telling of His love through selfless ministry. We spent July 4 deep inside a sugar cane plantation preaching and teaching with John Mugowa, a Rock graduate who was ministering at his childhood home.  John, who now has his own IT business, has started Develop a Child Africa Ministries.

He focuses not only on sharing the Gospel with children, but also meeting their needs holistically through ministering to their parents. One program provides goats and pigs to the parents. As the animals reproduce, they give back one of the offspring to the ministry so another family can benefit.

Laying foundations on campus continues to be a focus with our ongoing series of practical discipleship seminars. It is encouraging to see these seminars spawning lasting fellowship groups of students who take the initiative to form their own Bible study groups after they complete their study with The Rock.
John presents Bibles at his boyhood village

As we teach each student, we ask them to share what they are learning with two other students; whether it be through the seminars; identification of God-given skills as Margaret helps them develop their resumes;  or insights they gain from discussions on "Movie Night" every Saturday.

Our current seminar is for 20 Honors College students with the topic "God's Plan for Money." Students voluntarily meet for three two-hour sessions. They also are divided into teams and meet between sessions for Bible study and to answer questions. The recent assignment was on King Solomon and the Book of Ecclesiastes. The students were fascinated with the practical presentation of one of our Uganda board members, John Ggayi Bugembe. Hearing from a strong Christian, successful businessman with a great marriage and family provided them with a much-needed role model.

Blessings and prayers,

Mark and Margaret Noblin