"Students Return and Hot Topics Are Relationships and Careers At Kingdom View"

19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Matthew 28:19



Mark and I have always focused through the years in ministry on making impactful disciples and multiplication. With students back at UCU, we kicked off Relationship Forum with Jesse and Pamela Mugero leading every second Saturday of the month at Kingdom View. The purpose of the forum is for students to be able to ask questions in a safe environment and find out what ladies and gentlemen are looking for in godly relationships.  God wants to bless relationships and provides guidelines.  Jesse is an author and lawyer who was the first president of UCU Honours College to work with the Rock Kingdom Limited ministry. He was mentored by us and participated in discipleship activities.   

He works as a human rights lawyer. Recently he published a book, Justice Unlimited which covers the topic of justice from God’s perspective and is very thorough from a legal perspective. It sets the tone for how to combine faith and career in the field of law. Highly recommended especially for lawyers struggling with facing corruption.  

Pamela his wife is also an author and business professional.  Her book Running In Heels shares her story of being a woman in corporate Africa and the challenges of holding true to her Christian faith and values. The book is full of interesting stories and hard to stop reading once you start.  

Pamela and Jesse learned a lot about each other prior to marriage by reading each other’s books and also observing each other at their church, Worship Harvest Ministries in Kira. They have a daughter named Charis and are happy to share about being new parents. Both of them love mentoring and are available to answer student's questions.
Mark and Margaret continue to use WhatsApp, Zello and Zoom as we mentor and encourage current and past students. Margaret was asked to do a Zoom Call for Honours College with around 50 students.  Christopher, the manager of Kingdom View in Uganda and Margaret have done joint presentations to encourage students to prepare for their future careers. Both shared success stories of former graduates who landed jobs even during Covid.

As things open up we are excited to see the new things the Lord is doing at Kingdom View.


Mark and Margaret Noblin
The Rock Outreach, Inc.
Dallas, Texas