Lessons from the Blue Box

Thank the Lord for the eternal security we have in Him through faith in Jesus. For us it's the only thing that makes the security challenges we face on earth tolerable.
Margaret by the Blue Box
Our "Blue Box" freight container purchased to store supplies for the impending first phase construction of Kingdom View Fellowship Center has become a symbol to us of the fallen nature of man.
Sure there are more pressing issues in the world than securely storing construction supplies. For instance, Uganda Christian University where we stay in an apartment on campus now has closed all its gates except for one to vehicle traffic. Armed guards patrol the campus at night. This is a result of the attack by terrorists on a campus in neighboring Kenya earlier this year which claimed 147 lives. We also will be going through the security gauntlets in the airports next month as we return for a year-end visit to the U.S.
The Blue Box is not about terrorists, but nevertheless is a result of man's depravity. When we purchased it, we were advised to get a lock that would sound an alarm if tampered with. Makes sense. Then we were told any single lock on the outside of the container would be too simple for thieves to break open. So we were advised to get a welder to cut a small slot covered with a sliding piece of metal in the front door of the container. This would allow putting an arm through the slot to reach two more latches to be installed inside (one up and one down). These latches also would be secured with locks. Of course, the new slot on the front door also needs a lock. So now we're up to four locks on the container. Then we were advised the keys for the locks we purchased are too easily counterfeited so we need to buy another different type of lock to add to the outside of the container. One container. Five locks.
We mentioned to our Uganda friends that lighting is always helpful. We were told thieves have no problem stealing the lighting as they did on campus next door where they took lights from an outdoor basketball court adjacent to the main gate manned by guards.
Of course, it's also mandatory to have a fence or wall around your compound. Chain link fence with barbed wire or razor wire on top are options. There's also the wall with broken glass embedded on the top. (We opted for chain link with barbed wire softened by bougainvillea, a thorny flowering vine that climbs and obscures the fence).
And there are always armed guards if you are willing to go to the expense. Except beware, we are told, many guards act as informants and accomplices with the thieves. Okay, then, we will get a couple of watchdogs. Only thing is watchdogs are often targets for poisoning.
Yikes! The answer seems to be to take all the reasonable precautions then pray and trust the Lord for protection.
We've often wondered what life would be like if Adam and Eve had not taken a bite of the apple - no sin, no locks, etc. Then we remember we have the joy of knowing that someday we will find out when we're called home to heaven.

Mark and Margaret Noblin