"Transforming and Encouraging the World One Person At A Time"

There’s a lot of hope even though we are living in a world where things seem to be upside down and crazy. You are making a difference in the lives of people here as well as in Uganda as you support us through The Rock.

The Rock continues the Life Application Bible fund for new believers in Uganda and we are finding their distribution helpful in the US as well. The Freedom in Christ materials also are shared as part of our discipleship ministry. God is expanding our mission field using our gifts of hospitality and discipleship. We are blessed to be part of First Baptist Dallas with a mission of “transforming our world with God’s Word…one life at a time.”

The emphasis of being in relationships with people one on one as we teach and disciple through the Bible is rich. Whether they're here in the US with Freedom in Christ discussions individually, on Zoom, or on WhatsApp in Uganda, God is expanding our relationships. When you think about it, the way lives are transformed, it's one person at a time. We find that God is putting new people in our path to minister to each week. Whether it's a young woman in her 20s here who needs a job; two Uganda engineering students studying in Turkey, trying to figure out their God-given skills; or an older person who is going through trials and wants freedom from the past. Mark gets referred by Freedom in Christ Ministries on a regular basis as an encourager to pray and study Biblical ways with others to be spiritually free.

Since January it has been a delight to share the Freedom in Christ message hosting dinners in our home with up to 32 people on the first Friday of every month. Zoom calls are going on weekly for both of us. Some are with Ugandans and some with the Freedom in Christ team. 

First Friday Fellowship in May with a pinata for Cinco de Mayo was a blast. Each month we have an ethnic meal depending on the theme. Our message of encouragement is always related to our Identity in Christ and who God says we are...we are secure, accepted and significant.

In April, we launched a newly formed group of Ugandans we mentored who are now studying, living and working in North America. We meet monthly by Zoom to share, encourage, and pray for each other. Our discussions are a blessing to all of us. Being able to share with fellow Ugandans their experiences in living in a new land along with bouncing ideas off us has been informative. Spiritually we are able to encourage them to stand on The Rock of Jesus as they encounter an anti-Christian culture.

Uganda Christian University has an exchange program with Aksaray University in Turkey. Rodney is a civil engineering student in his final year. Recently he contacted Margaret for career guidance. Through WhatsApp she has been able to help him learn his God-given skills, create a professional resume, and improve his LinkedIn account.

After we finished he asked if I would help Faith another engineering student in Turkey as well. The main reason students don't get 

jobs is because people don't know they are available and competent. Helping them present themselves with quantiative skills in their resume and discussing the importance of being grateful to those who have been part of your life is important. Her appproach is part of the discipleship process we use to help each person realize they are unique and significant.

Margaret continues to work with Uganda Christian University Honours students and alumni on a weekly basis. We discuss their careers, relationships, graduate school applications, God’s will for their lives and temptations they are facing. Recently she was asked to volunteer as part of the team that produces the campus newspaper and stories for Uganda Partners (the US based 501c3 supporting the university special projects) while an editor is on a three-month sabbatical. 

We are praying regarding ministry donations, which are down 42.7 percent year to date from 2023. If you are led to stand in the gap with us we would really appreciate it.

We couldn't do what we do without your prayers and support.

With Grateful Hearts,

Mark and Margaret

"A Time And Season For Everything"

With Texas flowers blooming ahead of time in March this year, we are reflecting about God’s blessing of ushering in a refreshing new season of ministry for The Rock.

Solomon writes “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens.” (Eccl 3:3.)  

In Verse 22 he adds, “So I saw that there is nothing better for a person than to enjoy their work, because that is their lot. For who can bring them to see what will happen after them?”

We have enjoyed widening the reach of the ministry’s discipleship and teaching in Dallas and the surrounding area while also maintaining and expanding relationships in Uganda through Zoom and WhatsApp.

Our prayers continue to be answered as we ask the Lord to bring people to whom He wants us to minister.  

Mark currently facilitates a 10-week Freedom In Christ course on Zoom to encourage believers and their families. Each month we host our multi-generational Sunday school class First Friday Fellowship at our home. We encourage with "identity in Christ scripture verses", have some great food, and pray. In addition Mark has been an "encourager" leading elders, a pastor and others through the "Steps to Freedom in Christ."

This is a biblical approach to affirming spiritual truth over deception and overcoming unforgiveness, lack of submission, pride, behavioral bondage and generational strongholds. Each week he facilitates a small men's group Bible study.


Ugandan students continue to refer friends and family each week to Margaret to help them understand their practical God-given skills and how to incorporate them into their career strategies.

Couples we have mentored in the past have requested discussions about practical issues related to marriage.  Several couples have reached out for advice about attending school while being married in foreign countries. God is providing opportunities to disciple in practical ways, weaving Biblical solutions into our discussions.

The Life Application Bibles provided by The Rock  through generous donors have been a huge blessing to new believers at Uganda Christian University as the chaplaincy does evangelistic outreaches.

The stories are so encouraging and the people continue to multiply.  Thank you for supporting the ministry so we can continue being spiritual and emotional resources for people needing someone to listen and share about our identity in Christ. The one on one discipleship ranges from students needing help with resumes, women finding themselves pregnant and choosing life, couples wanting information about how to navigate financial challenges in marriage to adapting to life outside their home country. And in the US,  elders and pastors wanting to start community freedom ministries to lay firm identity foundations in their churches.

Be encouraged because you are making a difference in the lives of many people in the US and abroad. We are grateful to be serving one person at a time.

Excited and joyful about what God is doing,


Mark and Margaret  

"A Gift Of Faith Is Confidence"

Merry Christmas!

As we celebrate God’s greatest gift to us in His Son Jesus, we also should appreciate the accompanying gift of faith. 

Without it, Christmas is relegated to Santa Claus, commercialism and time off with family. And we are left without faith's beautiful accompaniment – hope.

Our ultimate hope is eternal life in heaven, achieved by faith in Jesus and the atoning blood He shed for our sins.

“For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God.” (Eph 2:8)

By faith we also have hope for our remaining time on earth.

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Heb 11:1

Through faith we have confidence in God’s character and love as revealed in His Word to see us through the uncertainties of life.

This faith in God’s providence and care has brought us through many challenges and changes in our ministry. As stated in Romans 8:28, He has always used our circumstances for our good and His glory.

Here’s wishing your Christmas is filled with joy and God’s perspective.

With love and appreciation as we stand with you focusing on our faith and hope for the future, 


Mark and Margaret 

A Recap of 2023


2023 has been a year of expanding one on one discipleship for Margaret and Mark. Margaret is assigned two students from Uganda Christian University Honors College each term to mentor remotely, in addition each week more students are referred to her for resume writing as they continue to gain confidence in their God-given skills. Sponsors of university students are requesting assistance in navigating their sponsored child’s future which has been a new thing. Mark continues discipling one on one, doing Freedom in Christ Zoom calls. He is a resource for facilitating studies in the US and UG using several books embracing our identity in Christ.