The Vision-Pavilion, Master Plan and Fire Pit

As we prepare for the future we see a Kingdom View. God has much in store for us as we minister to the students and faculty on a one on one basis and we need your help. God loves for people to be involved in a personal way. At Kingdom View we believe that God provides specific gifts from a young age that can be used for Kingdom work that honors God. Won't you join in where God is already at work?

So often people arrive at Kingdom View and comment, " this is such a peaceful place, a safe place to share what you think and heal from past hurts." Isn't that what God is all about. He is the great restoration expert. We live in a world of conflict and challenges and seek peace. At Kingdom View there is a respite from the cares of the world that provides comfort. God want us to experience an abundant life that is free and peaceful filling our hearts with joy. At Kingdom View we strive to provide a place where through prayer, submission to God and unconditional love people who are searching to heal and find peace can find solace. We don't have all the answers but we can at least point people to God and the restoration He provides for all of us with struggles.

It is God's desire that we find peace and joy in our lives. As we continue in ministry to the students and staff of Uganda Christian University we pray others will join in to complete the vision with a pavilion, fire pit and safari tents for overnights. See the future plans we have for Kingdom View below and pray about how you might get involved. Contact us to share with your small group or church how they can be part of the ministry financially or by visiting us in Uganda at Kingdom View.

Proposed Pavilion
Master Site Plan

Proposed Fire Pit

Doing Life Together at Kingdom View

Click link below to see pictures from the 2017 December Pancake Breakfast

Doing life together at Kingdom View is what discipleship is about.

Lots of Activity and Need for Pavilion

Kingdom View is getting known as a peaceful place to pray, do Bible study, share testimonies and get away from the pressures of campus life. Students are in classes for long hours from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. with discussion groups lasting until 10 p.m. The scheduling is much different than what U.S. university students experience. So having a place to visit nearby to rest, read your Bible and enjoy the view is a great joy.

March has been an active month. We have had several requests from different fellowship groups with more than 20 people to use the facility. On average each fellowship of the 40 plus on campus have more than 50 students in the groups. With the addition of the open air pavilion we will be able to accommodate choir groups, chaplaincy fellowships, and departmental fellowships. Each year different leadership teams are voted in or appointed and there are always a hand-over celebrations when the leadership of these groups pass the baton to those that follow.

The construction of the pavilion which accommodates 150 people includes engineering plans, excavating, laying foundation, partial walls, roofing, lighting,drainage and electrical is $25,000. 

For the AV equipment for sound, presentations and computer and furnishings such as tables, chairs we need $20,000.

Would you consider participating in the construction of Phase 2 by doing a fundraising coffee with friends, setting up an online auction, having a garage sale or any other creative ideas? We need your help! 
Please email Margaret at with your ideas.