Sing and Shout for Joy!

"Sing for joy to God our strength; shout aloud to the God of Jacob!" (Psalms 81:1)

After more than three years of praying, planning, fundraising, land acquisition, government compliance, architectural planning and building contractor negotiations, construction of Kingdom View is underway. We praise God for what He is doing.  Imagine each day seeing progress and being blessed by our contractor who often brings his Bible to read between supervising the workers. Recently Mark got into a fun discussion with him about Nehemiah rebuilding the wall.

Also, on the work permit front, eleven months after moving back to Uganda, Mark and Margaret have received their Uganda permits. Praise God we navigated through many challenges without succumbing to pressures to take short cuts which would have dishonored the Lord.

Our strength is renewed as Mark and Margaret continue to mentor and deepen relationships with student leaders at Uganda Christian University. It is exciting to see them embrace our freedom and identity in Jesus sessions; seminars on Biblical principles of making and managing money; and servant leadership training.

Leadership Training

This week Mark and Margaret are teaching a World View class on "Marriage and Sexuality in the Contemporary Time," with a heavy emphasis on questions and answers.

We trust the Lord and know His timing is perfect. It is invigorating when prayers are answered, logjams are broken and great strides are made.
The ground level floor with walls going up
A view from the back of the house towards Mukono down hill

The ministry house will be where Mark and Margaret live while serving in Uganda which is bigger than the current apartment on campus. The first floor will accommodate small groups for cooking classes, Bible studies, dinners and the living room has been especially designed to accommodate the students coming on Saturday night movie discussions. Our location is a 10 minute walk from the center of campus and for some students it is actually closer than the apartment. Already we are providing part time employment for 2 engineering students, and a recent graduate from the Honors College. God continues to multi-process.

God has provided the perfect location for ministry to the students, faculty and other ministries. In the future when several dormitories/hostels are completed, we will be next door neighbors to over 1,000 students.

We have sufficient funds to complete construction of the first phase of Kingdom View, but we still need about $25,000 for furnishings, equipment (including for a media center for students) and other necessities such as a generator when the power is off.

We ask for your continued prayers that with this breakthrough of the first phase that support is inspired for completing other elements of the vision. These include a pavilion suitable for 150 people, more small group student meeting space, a small retail center to serve the needs of nearby students while training other students in business; guest bandas; and a small retreat center with platform tents.

All of us in the ministry are blessed to be a blessing to others in Uganda and appreciate the continued support you have provided the ministry.

Excited to see what the Lord is doing,

Mark and Margaret Noblin in Africa with Board Members Dan Vick and Skip Shaw in the U.S.