The Next Step At Kingdom View for 2017

Blessings abound at Kingdom View as we completed Phase 1 in 2016. Several of our Dallas friends joined us for a Christmas Pancake Breakfast recently and we shared the progress made in 2016.  The pictures show the construction and the activities we are doing so far.

Phase 2 is the fundraising, constructing and completion of the pavilion for 150 people. This facility will support the 40 fellowship groups on campus, the other ministries doing discipleship such as Navigators and Life Ministry Uganda (CRU) along with departmental fellowships.  In October we already were getting requests from a choir group of 70 and the Christian Lawyers Fellowship of over 100. So we know the demand will be great with a campus of over 8,000 students and limited space to meet.

Enjoy the pictures and pray if you might want to join us in serving East African, Uganda Christian University students with this facility.

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