"Heart Connections in Uganda Refresh the Soul"


Every time I think of you, I thank God for you. I have joy in my heart every time I ask God to help you. I thank God for the joy we share in telling the good news from the very first day until now. Philippians 1:3-5

In mid-August we left Dallas for five weeks in Uganda. Covid has been hard and seeing our friends in Uganda was refreshing. So much has happened since we were there in December. As we planned the trip, we discussed how we could encourage people. Our desire was to soothe and comfort our friends, have fun in the kitchen and appreciate their love for the Lord.

Margaret was excited to meet some of the students she had helped online with their resumes/CVs. Guys Mark mentored stopped by to catch up. Even former scholarship students spent the night, stopped by with their kids, and some had fun cooking pizza. The time with all these young people refreshed our souls. Our love for them has continued through the stages of life and isn't that what discipleship is all about?


Nicholas, Christopher, and Elijah, three men Mark mentors and disciples visited us at Kingdom View. From their time at UCU years before Covid hit, they have participated in movie night, cooking classes and leadership classes about " Leading God's Way." Nicholas is a program administrator for Cornerstone Development Africa, Christopher is deputy managing director of the Rock Kingdom LTD and Elijah is an engineer for Uganda National Roads Authority. Nicholas led movie night, Christopher manages Kingdom View and helps students with CVs and Elijah donated his time to improve our road. Each man has held leadership positions while at Uganda Christian University and currently mentor others.

Fun In the Kitchen

Christopher and Tabitha had September birthdays, so we had to celebrate with brownies! Miria, Elijah and Nicholas pitched in to help. We even danced in the kitchen. John learned how to make pizza on another night. Spending time in the kitchen puts smiles on everyone's faces.


Participation Up, Great Need for Life Application Bibles

Navigator alumni met in the pavilion, UCU fellowship groups along with Friday night prayer overnights are increasing. Student and alumni participation is up. Forty-one students squeezed into the sitting room to attend movie night recently. With attendance up our stock of Life Application Bibles is depleted. Would you consider contributing to the Bible Fund?

Other News 

In other news, Margaret is writing a book about things she has learned over the years living in Uganda about the culture, and the Ugandan perspective of expatriates living there. Several Ugandans will be collaborating with their perspectives as well. Sharing information for mission teams and people considering living in Uganda is the focus.

A plaque honoring the life of Bishop Kamanyire, the first Ugandan leader of the Bishop Tucker Seminary who originally owned the Kingdom View land was installed in September. Prior to his death, we discussed the Kingdom View vision and his support of the plan. We wanted to honor his memory in the pavilion for his faithfulness to the Lord. His land was a blessing to many students and continues to "be a light on the hill for Jesus.

The bishop's granddaughter Sheila said, "Grandpa would be so happy to see this. It is a kind gesture. His legacy lives!"