"Exciting Outcomes Inquiring of the Lord"

Then David inquired of the Lord, saying "Shall I go up against the Philistines? Will you give them into my hands?" And the Lord said to David, "Go up, for I will certainly give the Philistines into your hand."
2 Samuel 5:19


Life is a real adventure as we inquire of the Lord. Often we pray, “God, please bring the people to us you want us to help.”

Inquiring of the Lord is at the forefront of all our decisions. It is amazing what God does when we ask for guidance and wait to see what He wants us to do next.

When we traveled back to the US from Uganda we wondered what was ahead. God’s showing us many open doors and closed doors as we transition to new things.

God is always connecting the dots.

A friend from Watermark Church contacted me to help a Ugandan youth she sponsored for years. The student had finished school and was no longer sponsored. After searching for her sponsor, the young woman found her on social media. She desperately needed emotional and spiritual help as the result of a trauma. She was suicidal and had no where to turn. Margaret and the sponsor were able to connect to her on Whats App. After discovering the details, Margaret suggested a plan to get help in Uganda and put her sponsor in touch sharing a weekly Bible Study on-line. Margaret felt the study would help draw them closer together and provide healing for the young woman's heart. Margaret agreed to help her with her resume and have a Ugandan friend introduce her to a small group of women in Navigators close to where she lived in Uganda. She told us she wanted to be a barista so we are exploring her options. We are so grateful to God she is recovering.

Another amazing story started with a wedding announcement of two students we mentored at Uganda Christian University and a 12 year old letter. They were just good friends at the time but romance bloomed.

Elizabeth, who is an industrial designer/artist, sent Margaret a message she was getting married and guess who it was? Simon Peter is his name. Both received help with their resumes and completed a class" Problem-solving God’s Way" from The Rock. As Margaret chatted with them Simon Peter asked for help finding his sponsor. He lost track and wanted to show his appreciation. The family was from Dallas, the father worked for JP Morgan, his wife was named Sarah and they had two daughters and one son. I called a friend, mentioned the name of the family and she knew the family. God is amazing!

Simon Peter’s grandmother had been contacted two weeks earlier about a letter for Simon Peter from his Compassion sponsor. The Ugandan postal system is very different from the U.S. With amazement he read the letter and realized it had been lost for years. Their youngest child was two years old at the time the letter was written. Now the son is 14 years old. When Margaret chatted with Sarah in Dallas, she mentioned there were many letters written but apparently not received over the years. Simon Peter is so grateful being reunited with his sponsors.

Simon Peter and Elizabeth are just a few of the over 600 graduates of Uganda Christian University who have been mentored over the years. To read more about the 600, click here.

Mark participated in a mission trip to Guatemala, where his mission work began more than 20 years ago. The banner was used as a camp visual aid and is about being accepted, secure and significant as believers in Jesus. Our identity in Christ is foundational. The Rock donated the banner and Spanish Life Application Bibles to the discipleship ministry there. Below are pictures of the Guatemala team from Dallas and Mark's group of children.

Mark finished his certification with Freedom in Christ and is scheduling Freedom appointments as he receives referrals. The Rock also provided a Community Freedom Curriculum to a friend’s church in Grand Rapids. He had shared with them the discipleship tools when he visited. Embracing the concepts, they were excited to implement it at their church. The freedom tools which are Biblical help us deal with all kinds of challenges in life. It is a practical way to embrace being more than a conqueror with Jesus.

Margaret continues working with people needing help understanding their God-given skills, resumes and healing from past hurts both in Uganda and Dallas. This week she has eight students in Uganda needing career assistance and the students continue to refer their friends to her.

Part of our continued work in Uganda is providing Life Application Bibles to people wanting to go deeper in the Word along with remotely preparing people to understand their identity in Christ. Click here to donate to Bible Resources.

Sharing our joy and appreciation,

Mark and Margaret