Ripe for the Harvest

I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.
John 4:35

Little did we know when we began to purchase land for Kingdom View that God was putting us in the middle of an upcoming boom in construction of student housing (hostels) for some of the 8,000 students at Uganda Christian University.

We are purchasing the land from the estate of a former bishop who had a small hostel down the hill from us. Now we have new buildings on the north and east sides of our property that can house nearly 1,000 students. And two more hostels being built are within a three-minute walk from Kingdom View property. How exciting it is to be located where we can do life with this many students, right next door.  As we develop more relationships with the students and others – we believe it is God’s affirmation of His leading to us to disciple those He puts in our path.

To date, we have purchased three of six plots to complete the 1.25 acre acquisition. A final payment for a fourth plot (about $9,000) is due by June 15. We are praying for favorable consideration of a proposal to provide an additional $53,000 to complete purchase of all the plots, plus more funds to get us started on Phase One of our construction plan. Please pray as a decision we are told will be made by May 30.

With the Noblins’ move to Uganda last month, the need for Kingdom View as a place for discipling, teaching and mentoring students and others wanting to grow in their walk with the Lord continues to be highlighted. They have been busy as guest instructors in the UCU Christian counseling department helping students incorporate their identity in Christ into career planning.  Also, the Noblins have the joy of assisting young couples in pre-marriage counseling.

Hope ministers to children while taking her bar course in Uganda.
Margaret is busy providing assistance to students and graduates trying to sort out their skills and life plans.  She incorporates an evaluation from the book What Color Is Your Parachute? along with a discussion of how God has designed each of us for a significant purpose.   She helps them create one page resumes which paint a thorough picture of their skills, education and outside interests in a quantitative way.  Providing mock interviews and practice aptitude tests helps them gain confidence before appearing for their job interviews.  It also helps them discern what jobs are best suited in the context of  their life plans.

In April, Northwest Bible Church in Dallas included the Noblins among its list of missionaries receiving financial and prayerful support from the church body. We are excited to begin planning a short term mission trip for people to come and participate next year in what God is doing through the ministry.